Let’s face it… there are thousands of recipe books out there! And working through them can be difficult.

Yes! Many cookbooks may proclaim to be effective for weight loss but are they specifically designed to support you for fasting?

I know what you’re thinking; a cookbook for fasting – what the?? Isn’t fasting about starvation rather than eating?

No! The 5.2 diet doesn’t mean starvation!

The 5.2 diet actually involves eating a reduced number of calories to kick-start your fat burning and weight loss.

You eat less over an intermittent period of time; 500 calories on 2 days and then eat well on the other 5 days, hence the name the 5.2 diet or fasting diet.

As I’m sure you realize this diet isn’t just mumbo jumbo or some celebrity just flogging the latest gimmick; it is a diet and eating plan that just about anyone can do and the science is there to prove it.

5:2 Diet Low Calorie recipe book

The Healthy & Delicious 5:2 Diet Low-Calorie recipe book is full of simple healthy recipes for the entire family to enjoy

Since there actually is a science to it – quite literally; I wanted a book that would help me get the weight loss and improved health benefits that so many others proclaim to have achieved from this diet.

It’s one thing to understand the concept of the diet but it’s another thing to implement it and actually lose the weight and keep it off for good.

The success of the diet relies on you knowing what to eat and cook. This is where the fasting diet plan recipe book comes into its own; because it helps you put this diet into action.

One of the big points of difference between the Fasting Diet Plan’s Healthy & Delicious 5:2 Low-Calorie recipe book and other low-calorie cookbooks on the market is what’s contained within this cookbook.

To give you an idea let me start by saying it’s comprehensive.

185 pages filled with over 160 recipes; to suit both meat lovers, vegetarians and even the fussiest of eaters.

There is a nice selection across all the categories so you won’t get bored, and there is no mention of carrot and celery sticks. They are tasty and somewhat creative, but not so creative that you have to buy special ingredients from a ‘specialty’ store.

Are They Really Delicious Low-Calorie Recipes?

The low-calorie recipe book not only has over 160 recipes including your standards like breakfasts, lunch, and dinners, but it also covers everything in between including desserts, drinks, and snacks.

This was such a surprise as I didn’t think I would be allowed to have ‘treats’ when fasting. But when you know what to eat and how to stretch your 500 calorie count out to make you feel like you are eating more and not starving, it proves that eating on this 5.2 diet plan is possible and rather easy to do.

I like that it also comes with a calorie counter reference guide listing hundreds of ingredients and everyday foods. This is perfect for when you are stuck at the office and have to grab a takeaway meal. With this at hand, there is no confusion and you can safely grab a packaged up meal from your supermarket without having to throw in the towel for the day because you fear you have eaten the wrong thing.

Did I mention my favorite feature about this book?

It comes with 21 meal plans. Yes! Simple meal plans all laid out so that you don’t need to think. You just follow the guide and wallah I’ve got over 6 weeks of meal plans and combinations taken care of.

Eat Your Way To Success

It’s designed so that by the time you follow all thirteen of the easy meal plans you’ll be well and truly living the fasting lifestyle.

Now it’s all well and good to say the Healthy & Delicious 5:2 Low-Calorie recipe book is full of tasty recipes, but what do they mean by tasty?

To give you an idea one of my favorite fast day meals include the Mixed Berry Chia Pudding at 100 calories, the Pumpkin Soup at 94 calories, and the Chinese Vegetable Chow Mien at 170 calories; that’s only at 364 calories. Three meals in one day and I’m still not even at my 500 calorie count!!

Knowing that you can add in a Hot Chocolate, Coffee or a couple of Chai Tea Lattes and a Brownie treat and that my friend is 500 calories – and a day in the life of eating the 5 2 low-calorie way!… (Well with this cookbook anyway.)

A meal plan like this works well for most, you get to eat regularly whilst fasting which feels like you are not ‘starving’; even though you technically are. With the meals like this those around you don’t have to know you are dieting; and unlike other diets and meals plans there was less irritability and vagueness; so my spouse and colleagues were grateful too!

Who Is This Cookbook For?

This cookbook is great for everyone – really!

It’s not just not just aimed at  Mum’s who are looking for some new recipes to add to their collection but rather it is for anyone who is time poor and wanting to lose the weight and get the results by eating the right way.

It’s definitely perfect for those who are just about to start the 5.2 diet and want all the help and resources they can get; to smash it out of the park!

And of course it’s for you the frustrated fasting newbie who has been fasting for a few weeks but has difficulty sticking to the 500 calories because meal preparation normally overwhelms you; but with this book you just choose the meal plans you like (or mix them around to make your own) prepare a few meals and snacks or desserts in advance and you are good to go.

After reviewing the book and the types of recipes contained within, it looks like it has been designed for families… yes Mum, Dad, and the kids! With this low-calorie recipe book and the easy laid out meal plans, you can all eat the same, no need to prepare different meals for the dieters and non-dieters.

Truly with meals like burgers, muffins, puddings, brownies and choc chip cookies the spouse and kids never need to know that they are eating healthy; they will just be happy that it’s delicious!

There is no doubt about it, starting a fasting meal plan can be quite challenging for some but learning how to prepare and eat 500 calorie 5.2 diet meals that will help you lose weight doesn’t need to be boring and bland and this recipe book proves it.

For the cost of one greasy fat-filled calorie laden take away meal, you could have a great little recipe book at your fingertips making 5.2 diet low-calorie cooking healthy, easy and fun.

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals - cookbook

The Healthy & Delicious 5:2 Low Calorie recipe book is full of tasty recipes.

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