When you are trying to lose weight and keep it off, there are many options available to you. The main components of a good weight loss program include a healthy eating plan, such as the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet, and some form of exercise.

Any kind of movement can be beneficial and one fun and unique way to work off extra pounds and tone up your body is by using an exercise ball.

There are many different ways to use an exercise ball, such as core strength building and abdominal muscle workouts, but also leg and upper body workouts. So it can be used as a complete body workout. In fact, easy-to-follow full-body cardio workout programs speed up the number of calories you can burn, and are a great inclusion in your weight loss routine (see the DVD and poster reviews below).

So if you were not sure of the best exercise ball options available, make sure that you check out our reviews below for some ideas and inspiration, and get moving!

Exercise Ball with Pump by DYNAPRO®


When is an exercise ball the best fitness ball you can find? When it comes with an exercise ball pump! In fact, this product comes packaged with not only a pump but there is also a plug and plug removal tool.

This exercise ball is made from high-quality PVC and has been anti-burst tested to 2,000 pounds. This means you can use it for even the most extreme of workout routines confident that it will outlast you.

This model is available in three different sizes: 55cm, 65cm and as a 75cm exercise ball.

There is also a 100-percent money-back guarantee.

For more information on the DYNAPRRO exercise ball, click here.

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SoAlpha Premium 600 lb Exercise / Stability Ball

SoAlpha Premium 600LB Exercise Ball

This 65cm exercise ball comes with resistance bands which allow you to perform over 100 isolation exercises. With an included stability ring, you will be able to complete these exercises safely.

The anti-burst PVC construction is strong and with cushioned handles, you will be able to work out in comfort.

This exercise ball is perfect for use at home or the office and great for physical therapy as well as core exercises.

The package includes a pump and exercise video access to get you working out quickly.

For more information on the Superior Fitness Stability Ball, click here.

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BODYBOUNCE Fitness and Stability Ball Workout DVD

BODYBOUNCE Fitness and Stability Ball Workout DVD

Even if you have one of the best exercise balls you still need to know how to use it properly for maximum benefit.

This DVD features a total of eleven different fitness ball workouts which target the whole body. They are specifically designed to assist with endurance, flexibility, balance, and stability.

The varied workouts are target based with some for the upper body, lower body, core, abs, and full body so you will be able to keep your regular workouts interesting by mixing them up or concentrating on certain areas.

The best thing about the way the exercise routines are designed in this DVD is that they can be adapted to any fitness level from beginner to advanced, and all are executed on an exercise ball.

For more information on the BODYBOUNCE Workout DVD, click here.

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10 Minute Solution: Pilates On The Ball

Pilates On The Ball

When you have the best exercise ball but are short on time, what can you do? Well, this innovative DVD features a total of five different Pilates workouts – each taking no more than 10-minutes to complete.

The workouts are described as compact and ultra-efficient and are designed to slim, tighten and tone your body in just a few minutes at a time.

They can be used as separate workouts that can be spaced out throughout the day or you can combine any or all of them for a more complete program.

The programs include Lower Body, Upper Body, Abs, Total Body and Flexibility targets.

For more information on the 10 Minute Solution Pilates, click here.

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Exercise Ball Poster – Total Body Workout

Exercise Ball Poster

This laminated exercise ball workout chart features a total of 33 stability based exercises that are fully illustrated.

Each step of each exercise is featured with indications of what muscle groups are being targeted in each one.

The exercises range from upper body, lower body, and core body workouts. The exercise ball chart focuses only on the exercises that will improve strength and build endurance as well as correct posture.

For more information on the Total Body Workout poster, click here.

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What Size Exercise Ball Do I Need?

There are three basic sizes of exercise balls. They come in 55cm, 65cm and 75cm and are basically intended for short, medium and tall individuals. They are burst tested to withstand an extreme workout and can be a great workout companion.

Various exercise routines that can be performed on a stability workout ball, and if you need some ideas and inspiration, make sure that you get hold of one of the DVDs or the poster mentioned above.

The best exercise ball is one that you will use frequently. With the ability to assist with upper, lower, core and total body fitness, an exercise ball is a good investment. Combined with a healthy and safe eating plan, such as the 5:2 fasting diet, exercising with a stability ball will help you to burn extra calories, which means you will lose weight faster and help to keep it off.