When I first thought about starting the 5.2 fasting diet, I was really at a loss as to what I was going to eat. I love cooking (and eating) so I really wanted to learn new healthy meals rather than just eat the same old boring thing; meat and vegetables.

Knowing that on fast days I could only eat 500 calories I started to wonder how on earth I could still cook a tasty meal without blowing my calories on just the one lunch or dinner meal.

But all was not lost as when I was researching about the 5.2 diet I found that I could follow easy meal plans in The Healthy and Delicious Low-Calorie Recipe book that has been written by Sarah from the Fasting Diet Plan.

It’s filled with easy to follow recipes that allowed me to eat “real” food while sticking to a low-calorie diet. The cookbook was great for the fasting days but with the variety of meals I found my family and was eating many of the recipes on the non-fasting or normal days as well.

Why Is This The Best Diet Plan?

The 5.2 fasting diet has been touted as one of the best diet plans around.

The 5.2 fasting diet has been touted as one of the best diet plans around.

As you may know, the 5.2 fasting diet has been touted as one of the best diet plans around; it helps people to lose weight and fat quickly, while still being healthy. It seems to strike a chord with many as just about anyone can follow it as it’s not restrictive but rather flexible virtually being allowed to eat foods from any food group (including carbs) means you can still enjoy all of your favorite meals without feeling guilty.

I discovered the book after signing up for the 4-week challenge that is offered by Sarah. What struck me were the testimonials from people who have already succeeded in their weight loss goals by following the Fasting Diet Plan. One testimonial really stood out to me; a sentence that really stood out for me was “the best part is, I don’t have to look forward to months of deprivation”.

That really is the benefit of using the recipes and easy meal plans provided. You can virtually eat whatever you like. There aren’t too many diets that still allow you to have dessert; if you choose too – even on your fasting days! – So I was hooked right from that moment.

There are two things I really love about following the 5.2 fasting diet plan – how much I can manage to eat to fill my 500 calories, by incorporating more vegetables and salads; and getting to try a whole bunch of new recipes; whilst learning to cook some classics just in a much healthier low calorie way.

Loving food and cooking also mean that I love entertaining, and knowing that treats are still allowed when on the 5.2 diet meant that I could even pull out the chocolate cupcakes or lemon slice when the ladies come round for book club night. And the kids don’t have a clue that the brownies or cookies or muffins are low calorie and good for them.

Easy To Follow Meal Plans And Recipes

In the first couple of weeks of following the Fasting Diet Plan, I tried some meals from the recipe book that I normally wouldn’t even think of trying – a black bean coriander salad, strawberry and spinach salad (who would have thought about having strawberries in the salad). One recipe that really caught my eye was the carrot, apple and ginger soup – I love carrot, apple and ginger in a juice so I really couldn’t pass up trying this one; it’s got so much flavor.

Now as much as I love cooking; when things are pretty busy with the running the kids to sport and working mid-week I like making up a batch of meals that are always ready to go.

Many of the meals can be frozen and reheated or the snacks that are in the pantry also make it easy for lunch boxes such as the black bean brownies, the peanut butter balls, and rainbow muffins make healthier snacks for our entire family and we have been eating them whether it’s fasting day or not.

Apart from using the easy meal plans in the Fasting Diet Plan, you discover that you can make your own low-calorie recipes. If you have a favorite meal that you really must have on one of your fast days, try swapping the ingredients out for something with lower calories or using less or it.

An example is, if you really want pasta or noodles, try using konjac noodles which are almost (but not quite) calorie free; if you really want a burger, make a deconstructed burger without the bread roll.

One of my favorite 5:2 fasting diet recipes are the Honey Soy Kebabs served on a rustic bed of cabbage slaw.

Following the 5:2 fasting diet plan, combined with having low-calorie recipes to follow has meant that I was able to stay on track, lose weight and feel healthier without ever feeling like I was depriving myself. Personally, this really is the best diet plan I’ve been on, and I’m sure it will be my last.

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