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    PS. If you have not already checked our my 5:2 beginner’s program, it’s got some great practical tips and advice on how to do intermittent fasting. Make sure you check it out here.

    But don’t just take my word for it. See what some of my students thought of the Beginner’s Program…

    I am so pleased with the results of this program. I have conducted longer fasts in the past for health reasons eg 2 weeks water only. As soon as I began to eat even neutral salads, eg no CHOs or proteins, the weight would begin to return. I'm 73 and have lost 4.5 kg over the past 5 weeks. Could not do this on the Atkins or other diets that I've followed over the years. Have a long way to go but feeling so much better than before the program.

    Lynette    Biloela, Qld, Australia   

    I am so happy with the plan. Finally, I have found something that works. I have lost 9.5 pounds!! I have cut back on some of my old bad habits even on non fasting days. Maybe the clothes in my wardrobe will finally fit me by next year May 2015. I know I can do it.

    Tori    London, England   
    The Healthy & Delicious 5:2 Low Calorie recipe book is full of tasty recipes.

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