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It’s Sarah Jones here from TheFastingDietPlan.com.

Thanks for subscribing and congratulations on wanting to make some positive changes to your life.

Your health is so important to getting the most out of life, and it can be a difficult to break old habits and frustrating when you don’t see the results you want.

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What I am going to do is set you up with an intermittent fasting plan over the next few weeks. This will involve fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. It may sound a bit scary, but don’t worry, I’ll be here to help you along the way.

So what I’ll do is send you some emails to help you prepare, get through the fasting days, analyze how you went, and some other tips and tricks to keep you going.

I will also send you some fr*e meal ideas, as well as some tools and resources as we go (Just don’t under value them because they are fr*e).

As I’m sure you can understand, this will take a few emails to get the information to you. I realize that your time is important and I really don’t want to spam you. So I’ll keep the emails as brief as I can, but I think it’s important to send them fairly regularly so that you can learn without being overwhelmed, and build up that momentum and confidence, which is needed for change to occur.

My 1st tip to get you started…

Learn How to Prepare Low Calorie 5:2 Diet MealsSo before I go, the first big tip I really want to give you has to do with your mindset.

Without the right mindset, you may start for a few days, but you will easily slip back into your old habits, leading to further disappointment and frustration.

So what I want you to do is be honest with yourself.

If you aren’t true to yourself, you will never have the energy or drive to force you to make the change you need to.

Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers so you can visually recognize what is going on:

  • How long have you been putting this off for?
  • How many times have you tried and failed to lose weight or improve your health, energy and well-being?
  • How bad do you feel?
  • Why do you always come up with excuses? (e.g. I’m only a little fat… I don’t have the time… I’ll start next week… Everyone puts on a few pounds as they get older?)… NO THEY DON’T!
  • When you feel bad, go back on your word or make excuses what do you then do?

It’s your choice. You can rationalize all you want, but if you don’t get honest with yourself, you won’t change.

So take a minute now. Take a good look at your excuses, and realize that they are just that… EXCUSES! And understand the pain of not changing, the discomfort, the disease, the poor example you set for your kids and relatives. Think about what poor health is doing to you and to those around you.

It’s painful. Isn’t it? But that’s ok… use the pain to make a commitment NOW.

Use that feeling to drive you forward, to make a decision and a commitment to never be that way again.

People who are physically fit, vital, healthy and energetic are not just born that way. They have a pattern of things they think about and that they do.

A big part of being healthy and energetic is diet and exercise. So make the commitment today to make changes in your life to be a healthier you.

Commit to stepping up and taking control of your life.

And to capitalize on the commitment you have made to losing weight and improving your health I want to introduce to you my recipe book (secret weapon)…

The Healthy & Delicious 5:2 Low Calorie recipe book is full of tasty recipes.

The Healthy & Delicious 5:2 Low Calorie recipe book is full of tasty recipes. Get your copy here.

“The Healthy & Delicious Low-Calorie Recipe Book”

The recipe book contains over 150 healthy and delicious recipes that are all under 300 calories and comes with over 21 meal plans designed specifically for losing weight the 5:2 way.

To ensure that you follow the 4-week Challenge and develop an eating plan for life I would like to offer this to you at the discounted price.

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This is a very limited offer, only available to those that have signed up to the 4-week challenge, and have shown that they are truly committed to improving their health.

So make sure that you check out the recipe book here, and don’t forget to enter the coupon code 4-week-challenge before checking out.

Yes! I want to support your decision and ensure that you succeed…… (You will not see this low price advertised anywhere else).

I will be here to give you guidance along the way, so make sure you keep an eye out on Sunday for your next email. In the meantime, please have a read of our post ‘Why Fast?‘, that gives you a bit more background on fasting.

Congratulations on making the commitment to improving your health. Visit our Facebook page and like the page to get more tips to keep you on track.

So until Sunday, stay strong 🙂

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PS. Make sure you check out my recipe book introductory offer here (don’t forget to enter the coupon code…


to get your $10.00 discount).

PPS. Just so we’re clear, I am not a Doctor or health care professional. I’m just sharing my personal experience and research with you. If you have any concerns at all, please check with your health care professional before proceeding further.

The Healthy & Delicious 5:2 Low Calorie recipe book is full of tasty recipes.

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