Here’s a situation that I think we can all relate to at some time… that’s overeating on non-fasting days. It’s hard to resist the temptation. Here is a question I received not long ago about it…

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your support.

I find myself overeating on my non-fasting days. It’s like I’m rewarding myself for doing the hard work, but instead it ends up negating the work that I have done. Any advice?



Yes, I know what you mean. It can sometimes be easy to over-indulge on your non-fasting days.

But I think it gets easier over time. As you become more aware, you really don’t want to eat bad foods as much. It just doesn’t interest you, or you know what is in these types of foods and you just think… “Do I really need this?

Manage your weight even on non-fasting days.

Manage your weight even on non-fasting days.

There will be foods that are not great for you that you still enjoy, but instead of having it all the time, you may have it just as a treat or reward.

On top of that, I think you physically crave it less. Over time you become addicted to sugar, just like caffeine. So as you have less of it, you desire it less as well.

Now you might not be there yet, but I do believe it gets easier.

In the meantime, it’s important to remember your commitment to this. If you’re struggling, just think “Why am I doing this?” If it was super easy, then everyone would be doing it. So expect a few challenges along the way.

That’s why I’ve put the beginners challenge together and spread it over a few weeks… to try and get you into some good habits, and break some of those old ones. It does take a little time.

Hope that helps a little.

All the best,