About to start the Fasting Diet Plan and not sure what to eat? The answer is easy – just about anything you like; as long as you stick to a few guidelines; which I will discuss further below.

If you have ever dieted before; and most of us have! Then you will know that one of the hardest parts about being on a ‘diet’; is knowing what you can and can’t eat.

eating on fasting diet plan days

If you are looking for the most effective diet to help you lose weight and eat healthier, give the Fasting Diet Plan a go.

The 5.2 diet is often it described by many as one of the most effective diets around; because of its simplicity. By following this fasting diet you essentially only “diet” two days a week which means on the other five days you can eat what you like.

If you haven’t done a lot of research into the 5.2 diet, there are two main components of the Fasting Diet Plan – fasting days and non-fasting days.  Your fasting days are limited to approximately 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men, while you’re non-fasting is not determined by ‘dieting’ but rather eating healthy nutritious meals.

So to get the most out of an entire week; whether it be a ‘diet’ day or not; what should you eat? The answer is really quite boring; well balanced meals consisting of many fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy fats & oils, complex carbohydrates and protein.

And your ‘fast days’ or ‘diet’ days need not be too different; the focus then shifts to consuming significantly less calories than you do on your the five ‘normal’ days of the week.

Some are surprised by actually how much you can actually eat during a fast day on the 5.2 diet.

While 500 or 600 calories seems like a small amount compared to what you normally may eat, it is easy enough to eat regularly without ‘starving’.

The trick lies in consuming nutrient dense food which sustains you and gets you through the day; because even though the calorie count is low the body is being nourished. You can eat more but consume fewer calories on your fast days by eating meals consisting mainly of fresh wholesome fruits and vegetables with some protein.

Not all calories are equal with the fasting diet plan

Let’s look at what 500 calories might allow you to eat on a normal day or when you are not ‘dieting’ or watching what you eat. For instance a piece of Banana Bread OR a one and half slices of Pepperoni Pizza is approximately 500 calories. This is just one food item and one meal; which is why eating foods just like this often leaves your body craving more; as it lacks nutrition and sustenance.

If you are following the Fasting Diet Plan and using the Healthy & Delicious Low Calorie Recipe Book, then you will discover that you can eat anywhere from 2 meals up to 5 meals a day without going over the 500 or 600 calorie allowance; and this is the difference and secret to knowing what to eat you can and can’t on the 5.2 diet.

Is there anything I can’t eat on the fasting diet plan?

We’ve mentioned what you should be eating on your fasting days, but what about on your non-fasting days? As this can be the downfall of many!

With no calorie limit you might be tempted to splash out and eat everything in sight, but why go through the process of fasting for two days if you are only going to overeat on the other five days?

On these normal days or non-fasting days you should still follow some of the Fasting Diet Plans principles of eating as much healthy and nutritious wholesome foods such as fruits and vegetables, proteins, fish, dairy and whole grains with the allowance of the odd treat or  glass of wine should you wish.

The focus on these days is not so much on the calorie counts but continuing to eat healthy clean foods; not greasy, sugary energy dense foods that are often lower in nutrients. You the typical meals that often often come out of a packet and can be filled with artificial ingredients and chemicals; the foods that many of us have stocked in our freezers and pantries.

If your goal is about losing weight then eating at least 1200 calories for women and 1600 calories for men on non-fasting days will ensure you don’t slow your metabolism down so much that it goes into starvation mode; doing so only makes your body want to hold onto fat for protecting the organs and it can cause you to produce more cortisol; a stress related hormone.

While the first couple of weeks of starting the diet plan may see you turning to things like fried foods, chocolate, ice cream, lollies and soda’s on your non-fasting days, many people report that very quickly your palate starts to change and you look forward to healthier options instead of reaching for those other unhealthy choices. This is another reason why many cite the 5.2 diet as being one of the most effective diets; as your overall tastes and food choices improve.

The Fasting Diet Plan is the most effective Diet

A fasting diet plan is a good lifestyle choice simply because it means you can still go out and enjoy a meal with friends or family without needing to break your diet; you can just change around the days that you fast to accommodate your lifestyle and social commitments. This diet is not very rigid and this is why people manage to maintain it well after the ‘honeymoon period’ is over.

If you are starting out with intermittent fasting and struggling to find something to eat, follow the general principle of “if I can grow it or pick it, I can eat it”. If you are looking for the most effective diet to help you lose weight and eat healthier, give the Fasting Diet Plan a go – you can eat what you like and determine how little or how often you eat based on your own preferences.

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