Fasting is far from painful when you are able to enjoy easy healthy meals as part of the program.

In fact, not only is it easy to stick to the 500 calorie limit (600 calories for men) as part of the 5.2 diet, the meal plans are fun and exciting.

Simple healthy recipes are a snap when you take a closer look at the wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats that all fall under the calorie limit on fasting days.

Here we look at an example day for when you are on the 5:2 diet plan…

Breakfast Under 100 Calories

Easy Healthy Meals

Simple healthy recipes are your guide as you move into lunch hour on fasting days.

You’ve probably heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of your day. This is still true even on the days you fast but you can limit your breakfast to under 100-calories and still get the kick start your body needs.

Easy healthy meals for breakfast can range from smoothies and teas to omelets and toast with a lot of other great choices in-between. Each of them will have just enough calories to keep you from going over your fasting day limit before lunchtime!

A Lunch Between 150 and 200 Calories

Simple healthy recipes are your guide as you move into lunch hour on fasting days. This is the meal that should hold you for part of the rest of your day so many find it requires almost twice as many calories as breakfast.

There are many healthy meals for lunch that include chicken or tuna and vegetables and are not always in the form of a salad. Wraps, stir fries, frittatas or curries are great options. They are designed to keep you well within your calorie limit for a fasting day.

Dinner Under 200 Calories

When you are on the 5.2 diet the fasting days are the most important part of the overall eating program. Dinners can be challenging on any diet but with a limit of 200-calories to work with it isn’t hard to find an easy healthy meal to fit into that guideline.

Soups, salads, and fish are staples and all are good choices to keep you on track. And if you are vegan, vegetarian or have other food intolerances these too can easily be worked around to accommodate your needs. This is because there is no one food or food group that needs to be eaten or avoided.

Did Someone Say There’s Also Snacks?

With any good meal plan, there need to be snacks to help fill the gaps between the main meals, and on fasting days it does not need to be any difference. This diet is no exception with various snack options that can include desserts, cakes, fruit and vegetable snacks.

It’s not hard to find easy healthy options to keep from going over your fasting day calorie limit. I like peanut butter balls, choc dipped strawberries or wholesome oat cakes.

Where To Find Simple Healthy Recipes…

If you came to this website looking for information on the 5.2 intermittent diet and how to eat easy healthy meals on fasting days, you came to the right place.

Our Healthy & Delicious Low-Calorie Recipe Book is more than just a list of recipes you mix and match with hopes of losing weight. The specially designed simple healthy recipes will help you lose weight and keep it off with over 150 recipes and over 21 meal plans that are not difficult to prepare and are delicious and satisfying to eat.

With many meal plans, the words hearty and nutritious are not commonly used to describe recipes used for weight loss. With our Healthy & Delicious Low-Calorie Recipe Book, you will discover the fast and simple way to prepare meals that are not only hearty and nutritious but are delicious and fun to eat – for the entire family.

Will These Recipes Really Help?

5.2 diet fasting days are important

When you are on the 5.2 diet the fasting days are the most important part of the overall eating program.

Many diets include supplements to replace valuable nutrients lost in the foods you aren’t supposed to eat. Others have the tendency to incorporate such things as meal replacements in the form of shakes and drinks that are supposed to fill you but don’t. When you are on the 5.2 diet eating plan, you are eating to burn fat and in order to do that, you reduce your calorie intake.

The key here is reducing the calorie intake but you are still consuming calories as opposed to starving yourself into thinness. When your low-calorie meals are healthy, they help you to achieve your weight loss goals. When those meals are easy to prepare and delicious to eat they help you to stay on that weight loss program. Some say calories are equal but I believe calories gained from healthy, wholesome foods versus calories gained from processed, sugar and chemical laden foods are not the same.

When you are fasting and restricting your calories, if you stick to healthy foods that feed and nourish the body then it will be easier to feel fuller for longer. For your body’s needs and appetite to be taken care of when you consume processed foods, your body craves nutrients, which makes you want to eat more; which is where fasting the wrong way becomes more difficult and more of a chore.

Our Healthy & Delicious Low-Calorie Recipe Book will be your most valuable tool. It contains loads of easy healthy meals to ensure that you find the 5:2 fasting diet plan easy to follow; taking away the stress and hassle often associated with following a traditional fad diet. The wide variety and choice ensure that meal preparation and eating the 5.2 diet way will remain an effective diet for you to follow.