When attempting to lose weight, it is so much easier when you have access to a number of free diet plans as well as other resources to help you on your weight loss journey.

When it comes to the 5.2 diet, understanding what kinds of meals are possible to cook with these easy diet plans gives you the guidance and confidence you need to succeed in achieving your weight loss goals.

Kick Start Your Success

Nothing makes dieting more difficult than having to follow a rigid regimen that revolves around skipping meals, eliminating certain food groups or having to weigh everything you put on your plate for every meal.

diet plans for the 5:2 diet

Free diet plans designed for the 5:2 diet are available when you join the intermittent fasting challenge. Why not join today?

When you are on the 5.2 diet, understanding and implementing it is easy. Just remember two basic rules:

  1. Eat as you normally would for five days in a seven-day cycle (week).
  2. On the remaining two days (non-successive days), fast by cutting your calorie intake to just 500 calories (600 calories for men).

Our free diet plans show you that on your fasting days you can still eat great meals that are healthy, hearty, nutritious and easy to prepare. You get to eat normal everyday foods; that do not need to cost the earth or require expensive shakes or supplements.

With our 5.2 Intermittent Fasting Beginner’s Program, you will have access to a valuable ‘quick start guide’ that contains recipes and meal plan ideas. This will save you a lot of time and energy as the calories have been counted, and if you follow the free diet plans in the guide you will see progress quickly towards your goals as you enjoy a new lighter and healthier you.

Much More Than Easy Diet Plans…

The 5.2 Intermittent Fasting Beginner’s Guide such as the one provided by the fasting diet plan contains all the tools you need to succeed with the 5:2 diet. There is no way you won’t see results, feel better and lose weight if you follow this guide.

In it, you’ll find resources that will assist you on your journey that will make fasting easy to do as well as a quick start guide outlining how the diet works, how to fit it into your life and lifestyle, what foods to eat, what you should expect from the diet and much more.

There’s Even More!

easy meal plans

Lose even more weight with easy meal plans; they are simple, nutritious and easy to follow for 5.2 diet success.

Consider the 5.2 Intermittent Fasting Beginner’s Guide your cheerleader, your circle of support and best friend because you’ll also receive emails sent to you to help you prepare for your fasting days. They will motivate, encourage and inspire you just like a friend would, ensuring you stay on track.

There are diet, weight loss, mindset and fitness tips designed to keep you working towards your overall diet and weight loss goals. In addition, there are answers to questions you may have about the program and you can see loads of testimonials from those who have been there and achieved rapid results often losing up to 11 pounds in just 4 weeks.

It’s all part of the free diet plan that we will give you absolutely free and will feature our very special four-week challenge. The challenge includes all the tools already mentioned here and will get you the results you crave instead of the foods you should not eat while fasting.

If you are seriously considering the 5.2 diet and are still not sure if it will work for you, the four-week challenge should convince you otherwise.

Why You Should Join…

Any diet that does not provide a network of support built on encouragement and motivation is not an easy diet plan to follow. It’s when you feel part of a program that is easy to understand and easy to follow you are more likely to stick with it longer.

When that program is built around a system that provides support, encouragement, motivation and assistance, you are not only going to stay with the diet plan longer, you will see results. When you see actual results you know the plan is working and getting you closer to your fitness goals.

Can It Be Done In Four Weeks?

This free diet plan that has been built into our 5.2 Intermittent Fasting Beginner’s Program will not let you down. If you completely commit to our program you will not fail.

You will see results and keep the weight off long after you complete the four-week challenge because you will experience a lifestyle change that can easily be adapted to your normal everyday life; whatever that may involve.

So click here to access over 21 easy meal diet plans in our recipe book, or click here to become a part of the community where you will continue to receive updates and ongoing free diet plans.


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