What makes fasting to lose weight even easier, is having a goal to propel your forward. For some of you that may mean striving for an ‘ideal’ weight or dress size. For others it may be to gain more energy to keep up with running after children or grandchildren; or perhaps for health reasons to avoid having to take loads of pills daily. There are others who have far more ambitious goals in mind that require fitness level improvements along with weight loss achievements.

The Simple Formula…

Easy diet plans make weight loss simple and safe.

Easy diet plans make weight loss simple and safe.

Where a lot of people get disappointed with various weight loss programs is the outlandish claims that promote fast results without much effort. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is with a healthy diet program that doesn’t force you to just drink water or take supplements instead of eating some kind of food. Not only are these kinds of diets not healthy, they are not safe or sustainable, either.

Easy diet plans make weight loss simple and safe. When those meals are nutritious, they keep you from doing something that could be potentially dangerous. The easy way to look at weight loss diets is to see how they fit into the formula of Diet + Exercise = Health and Fitness.

You see for any real diet or weight loss program to work and be considered good for your health it must include exercise; because the body needs to move and be in motion.

If the diet you are looking at does not include exercise at all, it is one to avoid, because the results will not last.

If I Am Fasting Why Do I Need To Exercise?

When you are fasting to lose weight, your body is going through a series of changes. With the 5:2 diet program, it is forced to change its fuel source; switching from burning energy gained from sugar, to burning your fat stores. It is the reason why you can quickly see changes not only in your weight but in losing inches around your waist and belly area where ‘dangerous’ fat is often kept.

By adding exercise it means your weight loss and health goals will be achieved quicker. As by moving the body your heart rate increases and as you access the fat stores it helps to also shift toxins and excess fluids as your lymph system starts working to eliminate these from your body. With this your energy levels will improve and you will sleep better.

Which adds to your overall feeling of wellness; and when you feel better your outlook improves so your likelihood of continuing with a ‘diet’ increases. You really can see how the two must go hand in hand for any result to be lasting; well longer than a few weeks. When you lose weight safely you stand a much better chance of keeping it off as opposed to sudden weight loss on a ‘crash diet’ program.

Reaching Your Goal The Faster Way

Once you get the hang of following easy diet plans such as the 5.2 diet; which is focused on fasting to lose weight, you’ll need to combine it with a fitness plan to ensure you reach your feel good factor and weight loss goal quicker. Now this may seem like a hard thing to do but not at all; it really just gets incorporated into your overall health and lifestyle plan that you follow in order to reach your destination; fitting into that dress; reaching that elusive figure on the scales or not becoming a diabetic and avoiding having to take all those medications.

When you have a plan it is much easier to stay focused on what you need to do and makes the ‘how’ such as fasting to lose weight much easier too.

When you are fasting to lose weight, your body is going through a series of changes.

When you are fasting to lose weight, your body is going through a series of changes.

Let’s say you wanted to lose a total of 20-pounds. A good way to keep your goal in place is to follow a proven system such as an easy diet plan like the 5:2 diet; and to keep a journal or tracker which can be in a book through an app on your phone or online.

This can outline everything from why you want to reach this goal and daily observations such as what you ate your calorie intake; your fitness activities and your thoughts and emotions on any given day.

When fasting to lose weight a journal gives you a track record to look back at and allows you to make a form of commitment and measure what is going on. It’s also a visual representation that hopefully will not lie! It not only lets you capture what you did but what you didn’t do and why. Often it’s the ‘why’ that is the most important reason to you achieving your goals and getting to your destination in the shortest amount of time; safely.

In addition to having a daily and weekly journal tracing the steps to your fitness goal, telling others about your plan will provide you with a support network and helps to solidify that commitment. When you are fasting to lose weight joining a fitness club or attending a casual exercise class will assist with the fitness part of the equation. If you connect with others who have similar goals in mind as yours, it will be easier to keep attending the classes and connecting with others feeling similar things it will increase your support network and help motivate you to get there faster.

Furthermore if you do not wish to tell those closest to you about your goals there are plenty of online support groups where you can participate in forums or Facebook groups. Just look up the fasting diet plan or fasting to lose weight and you will be presented with a few choices.

Being part of a group of individuals working together and sharing their triumphs and challenges in reaching fitness goals will pay many additional benefits. You will find it harder to skip or quit the program if others are doing it along with you. They will also be there for you on those days you feel less than motivated and need a pep talk, with no judgment or bias.

Fasting To Lose Weight Works…

When you start an easy diet plan like the 5:2 diet plan, weight loss does not happen overnight. It doesn’t happen all by itself, either. In order to safely lose the weight you want to shed you need to add some exercise; even if it is just walking for 20mins a day and be committed to the program by setting realistic fitness goals. Goals that are suitable to where you are on your journey. When you do all of these things fasting to lose weight become much easier because you will see the changes quickly.

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