Granola is a staple for many active people, and for those who make it themselves, it makes for a great start to the day. And in general, it is a great, healthy food: it gives you energy and contains good fiber.

The Problem With Granola

The problem, especially when on a low-calorie diet, is that in one cup of homemade granola, there are a whopping 600 Calories!!

Granola is great, but watch those calories
Granola is great, but watch those calories

That’s the daily recommended limit for your total calorie intake during the fasting days of the 5:2 diet. In one cup! Even the low-calorie versions are still fairly high: one cup of Kashi low-calorie granola is still 190 calories.

Just think this way: One cup of granola is the calorie equivalent of 12 slices of bacon (fat content is a different story).

During the regular eating days, especially if you’re active, then enjoy some granola (homemade is especially good). We recommend using this as a topper to yogurt, and not as a base to meals (ie: instead of cereal).

Even on non-fasting days, this is a high amount of calories unless you’re running a marathon.