Some people are known to be visual learners, and I believe that this also translates to visual achievers. This idea is especially important to those who are on diets but are also working out, as the toning and building of muscles will increase weight even as you lose fat, making using a scale as a measuring method somewhat inaccurate.

The basic idea of using mirrors to aid your dieting is very easy, and I came across the idea while vacationing down south. We were at a beach resort and throughout the time there I obviously wore a bathing suit more than anything else, and that included while in the room or around the resort’s pool area.

Why not try using mirrors to help monitor your diet progress

Why not try using mirrors to help monitor your diet progress

What I found is that many times when I was in front a of mirror, either in the room’s bathroom, the room itself or at a bathroom at the pool, I wouldn’t be wearing a shirt. This caused me to constantly keep checking my stomach, sides, arms, etc.

It also caused me to flex a lot more, but that’s another thing.

What I did notice over the course of two weeks there is that due to the constant water drinking and being active more often in the pool, on the beach, or in the ocean waves, I could see subtle changes in my own body. There was definitely a slimming down effect by the end, and I doubt that I could have seen much change on a scale, but in the mirror, over two weeks, I could see it. And this made me want to do more.

What I found is fairly common. If you visually see changes for the positive, you’ll be more interested in trying harder. This may take weeks or longer, but seeing changes will seriously help your fitness and dieting.

Replicating the results at home

So how can you replicate the feelings I had without launching yourself to some resort?

The first step is to take a minute or two every day and seriously look at yourself in a mirror. I’m talking full body. In just your underwear or whatever feels comfortable to you, but lets you see a lot. Mentally take a photo, noting what you want to change. Take a real photo if you want as well, to have evidence in the future of what you accomplished. Do this mirror routine every day and think of the positive things you see: the changes brought on by eating right and exercise, think of the positive things you want to change, and plan for what needs the most work.

Many people, when not happy with their body, will shun mirrors totally, not liking what they see. I’m saying don’t do this. Keep a full length mirror in your bedroom, throw one in another room too that you walk by often. And make sure you keep looking at yourself. When you’re on a diet and workout plan, you will see results. It may take a weeks or months, but you’ll see your hard work paying off.

Extra bonus marks: When you’re in front of the mirror, try flexing or posing. Seriously. Really accent what you love about yourself. Not only is this motivation for what you’re goal is, but it’s fun too.