The fasting diet plan is not all that difficult to adapt to and follow. The general guidelines are simple. During a normal seven day cycle, you would eat as you normally would on 5 of those days. The fasting part comes from two of those seven days that you would designate as fasting days when you generally eat simple healthy recipes.

So, in other words, you would eat normally in five and fast on two days out of an average week. It’s also recommended that the two fasting days should not be consecutive either.

The general rule of thumb for fasting days is to reduce your calorie intake to 500 for women, or 600 for men. The formula comes from the standard belief that healthy women require daily totals of 2,000 calories and 2,400 per day for healthy men.

So essentially you are cutting your intake of calories down to a quarter of a normal day on your fasting days.

Simple Healthy Recipes Are The Key

Simple Healthy Recipes

The 5.2 diet is popular because it works, and as such you owe it to yourself to give this fasting diet plan a go.

There are many simple healthy recipes available to help you reach the 500/600 calories limit on this fasting diet plan. While that may not sound like a lot of calories to work within a day of fasting, it is actually more than enough for three meals plus snacks when you use the easy meal ideas contained in our Low Calorie Recipe Book.

For example, if you portion out your total allowable calories on a fasting day, it is not hard to fit simple healthy recipes into each meal. For example, breakfast can be up to 100 calories and may include eggs, raisins, nuts and much more.

Lunch can total up to 175 calories which open up a whole range of possibilities, with ingredients such as salads and soups that are nutritious and filling. Dinner can total from 175 to 225 calories and include pastas, vegetables, and various other favorites. Don’t forget, if you have some of your total calorie count left you can use the 50 to 75 calories on fruit or other healthy snacks throughout the day.

Easy Meal Ideas Mean Success

In order for a fasting diet plan to be successful, it has to be easy to understand with meals that are not difficult to prepare. Our Low Calorie Recipe Book is filled with recipes that are not only easy to make but are good for you. They are tasty and satisfying, which will help you keep on track and see results on this fasting diet program.

This is where a lot of different diet programs and fads fail. In addition to using a starvation-type model, the meals attached to some of these programs are bland and uninteresting. The 5.2 diet is built on moderation. You can eat your usual way on five days out of a normal week but on fasting days you reduce your calorie intake with healthy meals.

A Reminder

Any time you consider using a fasting diet for weight loss it is always a good idea to discuss it first with your family doctor. You may develop complications from a pre-existing condition so it is wise to have your doctor’s permission to try this diet. Another thing to remember is that, for some, results can be slow to show. This is normal. Once you get used to the different pattern of eating, you will see changes taking place. Remember, you didn’t put on those extra pounds overnight, so it may take a little time to take them off.

It is also advisable to add some exercise to your fasting diet plan. Depending on your health and fitness level, you can start with moderate activities such as walking. Diet and exercise combined produce the best results in weight loss and also has a higher percentage of success in keeping that unwanted weight off.

The 5.2 diet is popular because it works, and as such you owe it to yourself to give this fasting diet plan a go.