With summer just around the corner for those lucky enough. The Southern Hemisphere, now is the time to be on the lookout for simple healthy recipes perfect for those hot, humid days. If you are already gearing up for the change of seasons and looking for some ways to get fit and healthy prior to hitting the beach, the 5:2 diet is a great way to go and is one of the best diets to get ready for summer.

You may wonder just how you can get away with eating foods like smoothies and crepes when following a fasting diet. The Fasting Diet Plan low calorie recipe book is absolutely stocked full of easy summer recipes to take you from the winter blues through to looking and feeling great.

5:2 diet healthy recipes

The 5:2 diet is such a great option for summer because you can still enjoy all of your favourite foods while staying on your diet.

As the end of the year approaches, we know that BBQ’s and picnics and the order of the season in the south, and regardless of where you are, Christmas and New Year’s lunches and dinners often lead to over-indulgence. We also know that this is a time many people typically fall off their diet and healthy eating plans, but with some planning and preparation, there is no need for you to fall off the wagon, you can keep on your healthy diet without feeling like you are missing out.

The Fasting Diet Plan recipe book has a wide range of recipes suitable for anything this time of year throws at you. Drink wise, the Lemon Iced tea is perfect to have in the fridge ready to go while the Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail is a good choice for Christmas and News Years celebrations.

If you are heading out to a party or get-together it is always a great idea to take along some simple healthy recipes that you know you can eat and drink without going overboard and ruining all your hard work. Most of the recipes in the Fasting Diet Plan recipe book are easy to pre-make and transport, leaving you with healthy 5:2 diet friendly foods.

Simple Healthy Recipe Ideas for your Summer BBQ

What about if you are planning a BBQ at your place? You could easily serve up simple healthy recipes like a tomato tart, chickpea and rice salad, honey soy kebabs and apple coleslaw.

There is no point in denying that desserts play a big role at BBQ’s and at Christmas and it is so easy to leave your 5:2 diet behind when there are so many yummy things on the table. Some time spent in the kitchen though could produce some easy summer recipes such as strawberry banana creams, caramelised pear bread pudding (excuse me while I go to the kitchen….) and lemon cheesecake.

Some time well spent in the kitchen producing 5:2 diet friendly recipes and your guests won’t even be able to tell that your easy summer recipes come from the Fasting Diet Plan.

Staying on the 5:2 Diet in Summer

We’ve all been on a diet before, but a diet during summer is always difficult to manage. One on hand you want to stay fit and healthy and look great in those summer clothes, but on the other there are so many events and BBQ’s happening with yummy foods that it is hard to stay on the diet plan. The 5:2 diet is such a great option for summer because you can still enjoy all of your favourite foods while staying on your diet. Simply plan in advance and you can easily work your fast days around events.

Our Top Tips for Easy Summer Recipe Planning

We’ve got five top tips for planning your summer recipes around your fasting diet.

  1. Choose 10 easy summer recipes from the Fasting Diet Plan recipe book to use on your fasting days
  2. Make sure you always have healthy foods in the fridge and pantry
  3. If you are going to a BBQ, make some simple healthy recipes to take with you
  4. Don’t shop on an empty stomach
  5. Eat light, eat healthy

Planning to eat easy summer recipes is the only way to get through the hot summer days when following a fasting diet; if you want to stay on your fasting lifestyle throughout the holiday period, get into the kitchen and start making some simple healthy recipes today.