The most important thing to understand about the 5.2 diet is that good meals are possible through simple healthy recipes. All you need to do is spend a little time in advance stocking up your pantry, fridge, and freezer with items that can readily and quickly be turned into easy healthy meals.

One of the things that make these the best meals in this fasting diet is the fact that fresh ingredients are used. For example, who wouldn’t enjoy a refreshing fruit smoothie for breakfast? The lunch meal can include chicken or tuna and if you like your share of salads, try putting them in a wrap. The options are many and our Low-Calorie Recipe Book can show you the way.

Simple and Delicious Meals

5.2 diet simple healthy recipes

The most important thing to understand about the 5.2 diet is that good meals are possible through simple healthy recipes.

Soups, salads, and fish are great choices for dinner and snacks can be fruit dipped in chocolate, as an example. The fasting diet does not restrict what kinds of foods you eat, it just restricts your total calories intake. By eating healthier, the low-calorie count is easy to achieve. Our Quick Start Guide will give you the motivation and inspiration you need to lose weight and keep it off with simple healthy recipes.

Because you are only fasting two days a week, and not back-to-back, you have time between your fasting days to plan your diet meal plan. The easy healthy meals you incorporate into your fasting days may also become part of your regular meal plan on those days you are not fasting. When that happens, you start to eat healthier every day.

The Challenge Is Real

Any kind of weight loss plan is challenging. There is no really easy way to drop a few pounds without putting in some effort. But it is that effort that seems worth it once you are rewarded with reaching your fitness goals. The hard part is getting started followed by sticking with it.

Our Quick Start Guide is designed with this in mind. We’ve been there. It is not easy for many of us to make the lifestyle changes needed to become healthier individuals. We see it all around us in various forms of marketing that successful people are beautiful, thin and popular. The 5.2 diet may not help with all those things, but it will help you lose weight and keep it off. That will make you feel good about yourself which will have a direct effect on your self-esteem.

It Starts With A Single Step

You can do it. A fasting diet built on a program of simple healthy recipes puts a bit of fun into the equation. If you are enjoying the food you are eating, you may start eating these easy healthy meals more often which changes your eating habits. Changing your eating habits and exercising more will not only knock off the weight, it will keep it off and make you feel better about yourself.

Before You Start

A fasting diet is something you should take seriously and as a result, you should consult with your medical professional before you start this program. This is to determine the possibility of developing complications should you have a pre-existing condition that may create a problem. The simple healthy recipes, which are not included in most diets, will help you with the transition in eating habits.

A Helping Hand

We want you to succeed with your fasting diet plan and that is why we produced our Quick Start Guide to get you going. You will find yourself referring to it frequently for inspiration and guidance. Add to that the simple healthy recipes in our Low-Calorie Recipe Book and you have a combination that can’t be beaten. Using both of these resources gives you the best chance of success.