For many, any diet is difficult to make a start on, and in some respects, the 5:2 diet is similar, as it requires some planning and preparation to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the plan. But that is where many of the similarities end, as this is a fasting diet that has worked for thousands and thousands of people around the world, with researchers looking into the benefits not just for weight loss, but for diabetes, cancer-related illnesses, and general wellbeing.

If you’ve decided to go down the 5:2 diet path, we’ve got some great hints and diet tips for you to help you gain everything you can from the diet.

Planning Your Day on the Fasting Diet Plan

Planning really is the key to staying on the 5.2 diet plan.
Planning really is the key to staying on the 5.2 diet plan.

When it comes to following a fasting diet plan, it isn’t so much planning your day that will be beneficial, but planning your week. If you generally go out to eat or entertain, you need to plan for these. The first step is planning your fasting days – without these, you won’t get too far into the plan.

Unfortunately, the 5:2 diet isn’t one of those diets where you can just wake up one day and decide you are going to eat 500 calories that day. That’s where the planning comes in, and if you don’t know the calories in the foods you are eating, you will likely go over the 500 calorie mark.

So go grab your diary and mark out the next seven days; write down any events or meals you have coming up and then work out for two fasting days. Once your two fasting days are planned out, it’s time to start researching some meals. If you have the Fasting Diet Plan recipe book, you’ll find more than enough recipes in here to keep you going throughout the week. If you don’t have the book, a simple internet search for low-calorie meals and foods will get you started.

A lot of people who follow the 5:2 plan don’t like to cook on their fasting days – we don’t blame them really, who wants to be in the kitchen cooking and trying to work out calories at the end of a long day. If you have the space, pre-making a week’s worth of fasting meals, and portioning them out is your best bet to ensure you stay on your fasting diet plan.

Planning really is the key to staying on the plan, and if you can plan enough to get you through the first couple of weeks (often the hardest) you will be prepared for whatever life throws at you food-wise.

Basic Diet Tips to Get You Started

Because we know that starting a 5:2 diet can be fairly daunting, we outlined some basic diet tips to help you get your 5:2 diet underway.

One of the most important and beneficial ways to get your diet started is to follow a healthy eating plan. Although you might think that a fasting diet is instantly healthy, too many people have fallen by the wayside thinking that on their non-fasting days they can eat whatever they want without the consequences. A fasting diet will certainly help you lose weight and fat, but to be most effective, you need to ensure you are eating healthy, wholesome foods on your fast days.

Diving straight into a fasting diet plan is one of the quickest ways to jump straight back out again. If you aren’t sure you can go straight into eating 500 calories a day, allocate two days a week for a month to slowly bring your calories down to that level. You will minimize the risk of withdrawals and it won’t seem like such a big task.

One of the best diet tips is to set yourself some realistic goals for your weight loss. While having an overall general goal is a great idea, having smaller, more manageable goals is even better. You will reach smaller goals quicker and seeing these results will give you the motivation to keep going on your 5:2 diet plan.