Do you have a special man in your life who needs help with losing weight and improving their health?

Generally speaking, men are different from women… they often eat for different reasons, drink for different reasons, and we’ll gain (and lose weight) for different reasons. 

According to dietitian David Grotto, when men and women cut the same number of calories, men usually do lose more weight — but it’s short-term.

Unlike women (who seem to spend most of their adult lives trying some form of dieting and talking about it openly – almost like a badge of honor), men don’t like to admit to dieting; they don’t like to admit that what they have been doing up until now hasn’t been working.

man losing weight

And well, that maybe they need some help.

The fasting diet plan is the perfect eating plan for that special man in your life.

“This is the first diet that I have been able to embrace as a true lifestyle change. The fast days allowed me to experience what it feels like to embrace the sensation of being hungry and the sensation of being satisfied. It is awesome. I will be forever thankful to my friend who recommended it.”  ~ John

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Dieting to lose weight is often something men don’t like to admit to.  This is because they do not want to admit that they have a ‘problem’ in the first place.

Because men, by their very nature, usually like to see a problem and solve it… figure it out themselves.

This is where the fasting diet plan is perfect – because it is very easy to do, it’s flexible and adaptable, they do not need to tell anyone that they are following it and can even hide it as they are only cutting back 2 days each week.

“A great program that is subtly motivating. Over the 4 weeks I lost 5 kilos and it was not as difficult as I expected, especially knowing there was support there. I now consider what I am eating and when having items I used to crave for, they are now a treat, which I have learnt to appreciate, rather than expect to have on a day to day basis.” ~ Andrew

That’s right… they do not need to cut out their favorite foods, they do not need to give up on that Friday / weekend beer or that burger with the kids entirely. They just need to restrict some of the calorie-laden foods for 2 days each week. Such a plan means that they won’t rebel, but rather have a better chance of sticking with it.

Following through so they can see results…

So, they can lose weight around their midsection, cutting the chance of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and all the other ‘lifestyle’ diseases that come from being overweight.

“In the first month, I have lost between 5 and 8 pounds, depending on the day I weigh myself and which scale I use. I have also had more energy and commitment to exercise more frequently. I feel much better than I did a month ago”. ~ Rob

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The fasting diet plan is unlike any other diet out there! It’s doable!
No matter what your age, no matter how much weight you have to lose, that man in your life can still follow the plan whilst enjoying that beer (and burger) at the end of the week.

“This is by far the best “diet” or “life plan” I have ever been on.  I have lost 35 lbs. but more important than that is the change in my health.  I am a strong proponent of this plan and tell everyone.  Although fasting is hard, your body loves the break.” ~ James F M

Men engaged in dieting and weight loss preferred to think of themselves as dieting for ‘legitimate’ reasons such as health. Men were less willing to undertake diet and weight loss programs without receiving ‘support’ from partners, family, and peers.

The man in your life needs your full support and encouragement, he needs to know how much you love him and how much better his life and your lives together or as a family would be if he just embraced some of these changes.

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And if he is like most of the men I know, then when he sets his mind to it, he wants all the resources he can get his hands on to ensure there is no faffing about, no time wasting – just cutting straight to the chase and implementing for FAST results.

“I lost 11.5 lbs in exactly 5 weeks. My lifestyle choices on my non-fast days are better and are easier to make. I’ve discovered that almost ALL cravings are psychological and note physical. Once I really got into the program my cravings were very easy to ignore because I recognized them for what they were — bad habits (operational word being ‘habit’).  I am going to continue the program well beyond the 4 weeks. I feel so much better the day after a fast day and look forward to my Friday weigh-ins. (I only weigh myself once a week and consciously avoid doing so every day.)” ~ Stan

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(Of course – we are speaking generally here. We know that everyone is different. However, much of our audience is women and we want to point out that men can just as easily benefit from some simple changes to their lifestyle – like going on the 5:2 diet. So, for all the gentlemen out there… why not give it a go? Join our 4-week challenge today to find out for yourself how easy it really can be to lose weight and improve your health. Click here to join!)

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