The Hollywood diet offers the promise of losing 10 pounds in just two days! Although this might sound a little too good to be true, this particular diet has shown undeniable results to many who have been on it.

What exactly is the Hollywood diet?

This diet, also known as the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet, is a blend of natural ingredients. Unlike most other diet plans, this is marketed as a product that is made up of fruit juices, antioxidants and essential oils. This mixture is considered to have detoxifying and rejuvenating properties as well as promoting weight loss in just two days. Those who have taken the product claim it to be all natural and delicious as well as effective.

Could this be one of the best easy diet plans?

With the Hollywood diet being a product as opposed to a diet plan such as the 5.2 diet plan, it is an entirely unique approach to weight loss. However, this product is not to be confused with diet pills and other unhealthy methods of weight loss. The majority of diets require long term commitments and various lifestyle adjustments to obtain success. The 5.2 diet plan is a prime example of a major lifestyle adjustment to keep extra weight off in the long run. Out of the many easy diet plans available, the Hollywood diet has attracted many followers due to its fast results and minimal commitment.

How does the Hollywood diet work?

The composition of the Hollywood diet works to detoxify your system as well as a means to lose weight

The composition of the Hollywood diet works to detoxify your system as well as a means to lose weight

Being claimed as the number 1 detox diet in the country, this diet works in a closely similar way to an average detoxification diet. The blend of vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and essential oils is designed to flush your system by cleaning the toxins away from your digestive tract and colon. The very low calorie content in the liquid makes sure that you lose weight in the process.

The product consists of a concentrated juice made of water, apple, orange, pineapple, grape, peach, banana and apricot juices. Additionally, the juice also contains vitamins and a blend of lemon, orange, tangerine and bergamot essential oils. The composition of the juice and its function works as a detoxifying cleanse to your system as well as a means to lose weight. The juice is the only thing that you can consume when you are on the diet. The concentrated mixture is to be mixed with an equal amount of water and then taken in 8 ounce glasses, four times a day. Aside from additional water to keep hydrated, no other food or beverages are to be consumed while on the diet. Alcohol and smoking is especially prohibited during the diet period.

What you need to keep in mind

Just like the 5.2 diet plan, the Hollywood diet also has its fair share of controversy surrounding it. For instance, some claim that the diet disrupts the regular food intake and digestion process while it cleanses the body. While you may not exactly look skinnier after the 48 hour period, your system will have undergone a major change. Within the two days, your body will get rid of up to 10 pounds of toxic waste products from your colon and digestive tract. Therefore, the diet works by helping you eliminate unnecessary byproducts of unhealthy food habits from your system while activating fat burning due to the very low calorie intake. Obesity and excess fat content is not the only symptom that is addressed by the Hollywood diet. For instance, skin problems, headaches, poor memory, bad breath and body odor are some of the symptoms treated by the detoxifying cleanse. Out of the many easy diet plans out there, this is definitely one with the most noticeable benefits.

In comparison with other highly popular diets such as the 5.2 diet plan, this one offers a wide range of benefits without requiring a large scale commitment. While most diets tend to make people weak and tired, this particular plan provides more energy due to the removal of toxic elements from your system. Since the 400 calorie juice only has to be drunk on two days, it does not cause a major disruption to your lifestyle. If you are on the hunt for simple and easy diet plans with fast results that actually deliver as they preach, the Hollywood diet is definitely worth a try.