A fasting diet does not necessarily mean starvation. When you are fasting for weight loss you start to look at yourself and your eating habits very differently.

The whole idea of fasting diets revolves around changing long-standing unhealthy eating habits… habits that we are often unaware that we even have. Without making changes to these long-held habits, many fail at reaching their weight loss goals.

But it’s so hard for many to know where to start. We are constantly bombarded with messages throughout a normal day telling us that in order to be successful in life, at work, or with a partner, we have to look a certain way.

Those messages come at us on billboards, print media, television and even online. If you see them often enough, you start to believe you are in need of a diet plan to make you thinner, which will mean you will be happier, successful and popular.

The one part missing from that message is that many diets are unsafe and can do you more harm than good.

The 5:2 Diet Is Different

fasting diet difference

The 5:2 fasting diet is very different to other diets because it allows you to enjoy the foods you already eat.

The 5:2 diet is a fasting diet but is very different to the common ones because it allows you to enjoy the foods you already eat. It basically teaches you to eat less and to slowly switch out some of the things you currently consume with healthier alternatives.

This fasting for weight loss program is even better if you include exercise as part of the program.

When you include exercise, even moderate levels of it, to any diet plan, your weight loss goals become easier to reach. When you are eating less with the 5:2 diet, burning calories through exercise is also easier. This is the biggest hurdle with any kind of diet plan – changing habits.

A Fasting Diet That Works

If you are still not certain that this kind of diet is right for you, consider this: it works and it works very well. It is not a fad diet and due to its popularity, it is slowly sweeping the entire world. The basis for this fasting diet is simple. You eat normally five out of seven days. On two of the remaining days, you reduce the number of calories you consume.

It is recommended that you ‘fast’ on two days that are not back-to-back in your complete seven-day cycle. We have even put together a recipe book to help and inspire you on fasting days, so that your fasting day meals can be delicious, filling and contain much more than just salads and fruit. Click here for more information.

Using Your Mind To Succeed

If you’ve already decided that you need to diet to lose weight, then you need to make a conscious effort to change your eating habits. Using the 5:2 diet for your weight loss program is a good choice. It is not harmful to your body like many other ‘starvation based’ diets are. Another reason why the fasting diet is so successful is that it does not rely on supplements.

As many diet programs reduce not only calories but substitute foods that are low in nutrient value, they can be dangerous. That is why you will see these kinds of diet programs incorporate a series of supplements in order to keep nutrients flowing into your body. The 5:2 intermittent fasting diet does not need to do that as all meals are nutritious, healthy and low on calories.

You Have Nothing To Lose But Weight

Fasting for weight loss is not for everyone and it is still wise to consult with a medical professional before starting any diet program. Using an intermittent fasting diet program will help you achieve your weight loss goals and can be used periodically afterwards in order to maintain your desired weight. It is that safe.

Once you develop new eating habits through the 5:2 diet program, you may see many changes in the way you look and feel. Not only will you shed weight, you may discover a change in your concentration, motor skills and many other improvements resulting from healthy eating. The benefits are increased when exercise is added to the fasting diet program, meaning you can fast-track your results as you aim for your weight loss goals.

The Healthy & Delicious 5:2 Low Calorie recipe book is full of tasty recipes.

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