I had a question about if there is some sort of routine and / or advice when on vacation when you do not want to break the routine of the fasting diet, because it is not easy to reconcile the two.

In regards to traveling and fasting, there are a number of things to consider, but if you are vacationing at home or in another country where the food, preparation and hygiene standards are similar to what you are used to then you could still have a low calorie day sticking to fruits, veggies, salads, soups and some protein or dairy.

What about fasting in other areas?

Fasting days on vacation...what to do?

Fasting days on vacation…what to do?

However if you are not traveling in the most hygienic of places, or if the foods you might normally eat when fasting at home are not available, and you are getting worked up and stressed about it, I would say give yourself a break for a couple of weeks. Just aim to still watch what you are eating and don’t go overboard on foods and drinks which are energy dense and full of unhealthy fats and sugars.

The thing about a holiday is that it is meant to be just that…  a holiday, and rather than getting stressed you would be better off relaxing. After all, relaxation is a medicine for the body and stress releases cortisol which can prevent weight loss and cause other nasty diseases.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, and you can still enjoy yourself without going overboard and over-indulging. Yes, it can take a little self-control, but it ought not ruin your break.

So make the best decision for you and enjoy your holiday!


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