Easy diet plans can be found with the click of a mouse and adapted to suit your preferences with little effort. However, the real challenge lies in the selection of the perfect plan and sticking to it. Losing weight is not something that is accomplished overnight and often requires a considerable amount of planning and dedication. However, this does not mean resorting to extremes.

One of the most common dieting mistakes that people make is to choose diet plans that are not ideally suited for their body types and lifestyles. This often requires the assistance of your physician or a qualified dietician. For instance, a liquid diet plan and certain intermittent fasting diets may not be the ideal option for someone with a highly active lifestyle or with a chronic illness. Your nutritional requirements may not be the same as someone else’s. Therefore, a diet that worked on a friend might not work on you. This is why you need to do a bit of research and choose a diet type that fits you perfectly. There is such a wide range of easy diet plans out there that you don’t need to fret about not being able to find an option that suits you.

Fast Track Diet Plans

 Juice fasting also involves in the ingestion of essential nutrients only in the form of juices, shakes and smoothies.
Juice fasting also involves in the ingestion of essential nutrients only in the form of juices, shakes and smoothies.

For those who are on the lookout for easy diet plans to shed pounds within a small time frame, liquid fasting diets are the ideal option. Unlike longer term intermittent fasting, these diets take the form of an extended cleanse and often involve prominent calorie reductions.

The Liquid Diet Plan

This highly popular diet requires 10 days of liquid only meals. The diet is designed to provide all the necessary nutrients via fruits, vegetables and nutritional supplements by only ingesting juices and smoothies. While sticking only to liquids for 10 whole days is no easy task, those who have stuck with the program have reported rapid weight loss. In addition to that, ingesting liquid only meals will also cleanse and detoxify your system.

Juice Fasting

Just like the liquid diet plan, juice fasting also involves in the ingestion of essential nutrients only in the form of juices, shakes and smoothies. However, juice fasting is a much more long term commitment that is often carried on for a maximum of three months. While this requires a massive commitment and a great deal of self-control, the results are fast and often spectacular. This diet is best administered with the guidance of a physician.

Easy Diet Plans That Work on Your Body Chemistry

For those who seek to improve their overall health while still losing weight, there are a wide range of easy diet plans that alter your body chemistry with food. For instance, some fasting diets and juice diets work on purifying the body from within. However, these are not to be confused with short duration cleanses, as the diet plans programs tend to be carried out for an extended period of time. It’s all about finding the right eating plan to promote your body to become healthier from the inside.

The Beverly Hills Diet

This diet is designed to help the body lose weight by manipulating the enzymatic actions of the digestive process. The plan involves strict restrictions of certain food groups and creating specific combinations to prompt reactions at a chemical level. The plan starts with the limiting of all meals to specific fruits only in a pre-decided order for the first 10 days. As the diet progresses, bread, butter, corn and sources of complete protein are added to the meals. While the commitment is high, those with the right body chemistry to suit this diet have seen great results.

The Alkaline Diet

This diet involves the balancing of the body’s pH level by eliminating specific food items from meals and adding certain food items to prompt the production of alkaline. Depending on one’s body chemistry, this diet is able to aid with weight loss as well as to reduce the risk of various other conditions.

The Hollywood Diet

Classified as a liquid diet plan, this is a prime example of a detoxifying program. The Hollywood Diet requires you to drink a mixture made of fruit juices, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and essential oils to purify your system. You are required to only drink this liquid for a period of 48 hours and to not ingest any food or other drinks other than water. While the main target is to flush the digestive system with the use of natural ingredients, weight loss comes as a side effect due to not ingesting any food within the 48 hour period.

Of course, not all diets are targeted at reducing weight. In reality, there are many diet plans out there that are mainly targeted at detoxifying, cleansing as well as maintaining religious beliefs and to control various medical conditions. For instance, diabetics are often put on strict diets to keep their sugar intake at an acceptable level while certain detox programs will require dieters to not eat or drink anything processed.

Intermittent Fasting Diets and Low Carb Programs

There are plenty of easy diet plans that require fasting periods and a great deal of self-control to maintain them. For instance intermittent fasting diets and the Atkins diet are highly popular long term diet plans, and many attest to their success.

The 5.2 Intermittent Fasting Diet

The 5.2 diet involves choosing two non-consecutive days of the week to ingest less than 500 calories for women and 600 for men while eating normally on the other 5 days. Since the calorie reduction is somewhat reasonable and normal eating is allowed for most of the week, this is definitely one of the easy diet plans that has been proven to fetch great results.

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The Atkins Diet

Atkins diet involves the steep reduction of carbohydrates in order to prompt weight loss.
Atkins diet involves the steep reduction of carbohydrates in order to prompt weight loss.

This program involves the steep reduction of carbohydrates in order to prompt weight loss. This is often adopted by diabetics to help them keep their condition in check as well as to help them lose weight in the process.


Diets go in and out of style while new ones get introduced on a regular basis. In many cases, the choice of the ideal diet plan depends on what the dieter’s expectations are. For instance, some people may be targeting fast weight loss. The many options for fasting diets or a carefully selected liquid diet plan may be the ideal choice for them. As for those with a focus on entering into long term commitments for a healthier lifestyle, easy diet plans such as the 5.2 intermittent fasting diet or other low-calorie long term plans are available.

In conclusion, even with such a massive range of easy diet plans, cleanses and long term lifestyle options, it is always important to take the time and to do the research to choose the right one for you.