Hi everyone,

I recently had a question about whether you could have coffee, tea or wine on 5:2 fasting days.

Yes, I drink coffee and tea on my fasting days, but they still do contribute to your calorie intake and I would suggest not overdoing it.

So I only have the smallest dash of full cream milk (I prefer it to skim) and that totals about 20 calories.

Wine (and alcohol in general) on the other hand is a large calorie intake for no nutritional value. A standard glass of red or white wine will be anywhere from 120 – 155 calories depending on where you live and what is a standard glass.

A glass of wine on fasting days

A glass of wine with this many calories is the same as a meal or 2 snacks on your fasting days.

A glass of wine with this many calories is the same as a meal or 2 snacks on your fasting days. I believe that if you are drinking wine instead of consuming healthy nutritional foods that will give you energy and fuel for the day then the fasting days will become more difficult over time.

And for those of you who prefer a beer, then there can be even more calories in a standard beer (admittedly, there is more volume in a standard glass of beer than a wine, but you get the idea).

Now I love a good glass of wine, but I would really advise against wine on your fasting days for another reason and that is that these days are also meant to act as a form of giving the body rest and allow it to detoxify and cleanse the body. This is what happens when we are not overloading it with additional calories and toxins; it gives your body some time to clean up the digestive system, and the organs to process toxins, poisons, chemicals and other stuff out of the body. Stuff that we don’t want clogging up our system.

You never know, you might enjoy being alcohol-free.

So my advice coming from my experience is to try to forget about your wine on your two fasting days of the week. I think by drinking on these days you would be sabotaging the success that the program offers; but by all means, have a glass or two the other days of the week – just don’t overdo it by telling yourself that you can make up for it because you were ‘good’ on Monday and Thursday.

If want to learn how to avoid alcohol on fasting days, click here for help to stop drinking.

What is your opinion? Love to know what you think. Let me know below…