Part of any calorie restriction diet is counting the calories in everything you eat. Thankfully this is an easier task than it was 10 years ago thanks to a handful of websites that provide a great resource in online calorie calculators.

Each site is built differently, and each holds the calorie values for most common foods as well as some uncommon ones (eg. specific restaurants), which is why no one site is the best.

Below are two of the main websites we use to calculate calories in foods/recipes. There are a number of others, but we have found these two to be the best.

We base this on how many foods are listed, how easy it is to find the food you want, and how easy it is to read/calculate the calories.

If you can’t find a value for something on one site, then try the other; there is a good chance that one will have what you’re looking for.

  1. – This used to be a very comprehensive website, though not the best looking, but it is not working anymore. It contained a lot of info for many foods beyond just calories, including fat, carbs and protein.

It had a good restaurant list and search functionality is done well. The measurements are not adjustable, but most foods do contain a few different measurements. If I find a replacement for this one, I will update it when possible.

Part of any calorie restriction diet is counting the calories in everything you eat

Part of any calorie restriction diet is counting the calories in everything you eat

  1. – is one of our favorite calorie calculator sites for displaying great info in a well-designed way.

They have an extensive list of foods, including a large number of restaurants.

The best part of the website is the calculator part, where you can enter in almost any kind of measurement for most foods and it’ll calculate the exact calories.

Each food’s page also contains a great Nutritional Value list including the normal fat, carbs and protein, but also has sodium, potassium, etc, that change based on the quantity/measurement you select.

They also have a general scale of how many minutes you’d have to run/bike/swim/walk to burn off those calories.

Is there another resource you use for finding calorie values in food? Let us know in the comments below!

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