We don’t always have the time, money or daily motivation to get to the gym, but we know that burning calories is essential to losing weight and keeping healthy.

Some people think that just changing their diet alone is enough. While eating right is a critical component to weight loss and good overall health, it’s not the only thing that is required to lose the weight we desire.

So how else can we burn extra calories? It’s all about getting your body moving (aka. exercise).  Exercise can be a word that is an instant turn-off for many, but it doesn’t have to involve sweat and pain and lots of other things you may associate with going to the gym. It can involve more regular around-the-home tasks, and well as things that you might actually enjoy.

With that being said, here’s…

5 Great Ways To Lose Weight:

1. Clean the House

While it’s not something you may like doing, cleaning the house is a good way to keep moving and burn calories. For example, 20 minutes of vacuuming can burn about 70 calories. So give something a good scrub, finally clean under that couch, or just start looking for dust!

One trick here is to do things fast. Don’t lag, don’t get distracted, set a plan and clean with a vigor!

2. Dance

Whether its out in a club or in your own living room with the shades drawn and your favorite music playing loud, dancing burns some serious calories. We’re talking 90-100 calories for just 20 minutes of dancing your heart out.

A great way to get this happening often is to invest in a Wii, Playstation or X-box game like Disney’s Just Dance, where you can dance to a beat and have fun doing it! Don’t forget to invite a few friends over for some fun times.

3. Make Love

Walking to lose weight

Walking at a moderate pace for an hour can burn over 200 calories, so is a great way to lose weight. It’s so easy to do, and it’s free!

Sex can make things pretty hot (pun intended), but did you know that just 1/2 hour of sex can burn over 150 calories? And that doesn’t include foreplay.

Extra points if you use multiple positions, and don’t forget that kissing alone can burn 70 calories per hour, so take your time and have fun! (Bonus: the “Cowgirl” position, with the girl squatting on top, can burn over 210 calories per half hour!)

4. Use an Exercise Ball at your Desk

A great way to not only burn calories but also strengthen your core is to use an exercise ball instead of an office chair at your desk. The constant need to keep balance throughout the day can help your core muscles without you even thinking about it, and lets you burn about 120-160 calories per hour.

5. A Simple Walk

Walking at a moderate pace for an hour can burn you over 200 calories. Walking is free to do, can be done at (almost) anytime, and can relax you as well, with the fresh air clearing out your mind.

If you don’t find walking invigorating enough, throw on your iPhone’s headphones and put on a good book or podcast to listen to (I personally like listening to Tony Robbins ‘Get The Edge‘ program. I’m getting fit, burning extra calories, and getting my daily dose of motivation, so it’s win-win-win!). And since you have your phone on you, download a good walking app to record how much you walked, so you can compare later!

If you do like to go to the gym, then there are some things that you should be aware of. For more information, click here.

What do you do to burn those calories off? Let us know in the comments your best ways to lose weight!