Hi there!

I hope you are having a great week and have your fridge stocked with healthy food for your next fasting day.

I am writing to share a realization I have had about my work that I think carries over to other areas of my life… and oh boy was this a big realization, so much so that I feel a little unnerved by it even whilst I write!

You see I am a doer, a giver, some would say an achiever. I always seem to have something on the go. I am always busy and always out to improve myself and my life (in some capacity).

But as much as that is my intention it can go awry…

bad habits when intermittent fasting dieting

My Realization…

I realized that I have this bad habit of starting things… And I’m not so great at always finishing what I start… some would say I am self-sabotaging my efforts and level of success.

And that is the realization I had today… And it kind of hurts!

And I was wondering if you have this problem or bad habit like I do?

For some of you, it’s been a few months since you would have started the 4 week fasting challenge, and based on the hundreds of testimonials I have received, if you’ve given it a good go I’m guessing you would have had some great results But what has happened since then?

Have You Stuck With The 5:2 Diet?

Have you stuck at it and adopted it into your everyday life? Or did it just fade away into the past as ‘just another diet’ or ‘the latest fad’ or did you put it in the ‘it was too hard’ or ‘it wasn’t for me’ box?

You see, new projects can be easier to do when we first get started because we are excited, have more energy and motivation towards them and spend more time focusing on it.

But what happened once the ‘shininess’ of it wears off?  I bet your commitment and desire to stick at it and finish what you started wanes.

When you join up and are part of the 4-week challenge, it is my intention to keep you on the path and keep providing you with support, motivation, and inspiration along the way. I really didn’t want this to be another ‘fad diet’ for you.

I really want it to be a lifestyle change that you adopt and stick to, because the results and upside is well worth it. But I know some give up and for many of those who do throw in the towel, you give up just when you were close to achieving the goal that you set.

Now I don’t always know the reasons why, but I really just wanted to bring this to the forefront because when we are honest with ourselves it can cause a shift towards action.

Because no matter why you stopped, you can always start again.

What Are Your Reasons To Improve Your Health?

Go back and revisit the reasons why you started doing this… what was your goal and intention and see if that still rings true for you? Do you still want that? Or is it something else?

For me, my health and well-being are just so important. I have spent too much time being unhealthy and unhappy that the pain is just not worth it. I really hate that place I go to when I don’t look after myself.

This is an area of my life I give the energy and focus to, probably because I made it to the finish line and love what’s life’s like on the other side.

But I am far from perfect! I know in other areas of my life like business and finance I am not great at finishing what I start and yes, I would probably say I do self-sabotage.

So all I ask from you is, to be honest with yourself… it can be a hard pill to swallow.

But if you need to start again or pick up where you left off to reach your goal and cross that finish line then do it!

Because I am cheering for you… and I know lots of other people are as well!!

To your health,


PS.  I’d love to know what has been your experience with the challenge or adopting the fasting lifestyle, so please drop me a line or share your experience here.

PPS.  I love helping and supporting you, I really do…. Since I crossed the finish line and finished what I started I have wanted to share this with thousands of people, so tell me what other information I can provide for you or share with you because I want to make sure you smash through that finish line too.

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