Let’s face it. Even during diets, you feel the urge to snack. Just having something to nibble on can make you feel better. Normally you go for chocolate or potato chips or candy, but what can you do when you’re trying to eat healthy, especially if you’re trying to keep calories low?

Well, here are 9 of the best snack foods with low calories for those times when you just need to munch. The added bonus is that they are all low in fat too, so two birds eh!

Best 5:2 Snack Foods

  1. Strawberries
    1 Cup = 53 Calories
    Fresh strawberries are great for a snack, as they contain enough natural sugar to please any sweet tooth. Strawberries taste best at room temperature, so if they’re in the fridge, give them a few minutes out before partaking.
  2. Cantaloupe
    1 Cup = 53 Calories
    Cantaloupe is an easy fruit to prepare ahead of time and have ready. Just cut up the entire fruit and put into a Tupperware container in the fridge and use when needed.
  3. Grapefruit
    1 Large grapefruit = 52 Calories
    Grapefruit is both sweet and juicy, and is known as a fat ‘killer’. It contains a large number of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that are said to help prevent cancer, as well as repairing things like sun-damaged skin and keeps your colon healthy.
    Hint: If you don’t like eating grapefruit with a spoon (ie: potential juice in the eye), try eating it by peeling it like an orange.
  4. papaya kiwi

    1 Large Plum = 50 Calories
    Fresh plums are incredibly juicy and contain antioxidants, vitamin A and a number of other good things.
  5. Raspberries
    1 Cup = 64 Calories
    Another great snacking food, raspberries can be slowly eaten (ie: during a movie) and taste wonderful. Raspberries have a high amount of antioxidants that fight aging, inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases.
  6. Clementines
    1 Large = 35 Calories
    Pick clementines that are uniformly colored, and free from soft spots. Clementines are juicy snacks that contain vitamin C (1 has about 60% of your daily recommended intake!)
    Hint: roll the orange with a slight pressure between your palms a few times before peeling. This breaks some of the bonds between the skin and the slices to make peeling easier.
  7. Blackberries
    1 Cup = 62 Calories
    A sweet and sometimes tart treat, blackberries contain antioxidants and help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.
    Hint: If blackberries still have the hull, they were picked too early and will be more tart. Blackberries don’t ripen after picked, so when choosing at the store make sure you pick plump, evenly colored berries.
  8. Kiwi
    1 Large Kiwi = 44 Calories
    Kiwi packs more vitamin C than oranges and contains many more nutrients like vitamin E which can help against the effects of aging. A kiwi also holds about the same amount of potassium as a banana.
    Interesting Fact: Kiwis originated from China, where it is their national fruit and called ‘Chinese Gooseberry’.
  9. Papayas
    1 Cup = 55 Calories
    Papayas contain an amazingly high amount of vitamin C, with one fruit providing about 100% of your daily recommended intake.  Add a couple of drop of lemon juice onto the papaya for a more unique taste.

So what’s your favorite snack foods while on an intermittent fasting diet? Please share below…