Are you considered overweight or obese? Then you may not be able to produce the normal levels of Leptin, causing Leptin resistance. 

You see, when you have the excess fat stores, your body is excreting plenty of leptin.

This should relay a message to the hypothalamus (an area in your brain) telling it that you already have enough fat stores on your body and you do not need to produce anymore.

But what happens is because this message has been sent out so many times your brain does not receive it (it’s blind to it) and so you keep producing more and more.

This is termed Leptin resistant. You are essentially resistant to the messages because your body has already been flooded with this hormone.

Fat Burning Hormones

Your brain thinks that you look like an underweight, skinny waif model and keeps producing more fat – which is exactly what you do not want it to do!!

So you need help to stop this from occurring!

What attributes to leptin resistance? Overeating, excessive sugar consumption, chronic stress and not getting enough sleep are a few factors.

Improve Leptin Response

So what can help improve your leptin response? Making sure that the brain is no longer blind to the message but will receive the messages from this hormone?

Diet-wise –  you need to cut back on your sugar intake. Limit sugary foods and drinks, use sugar substitutes like Xylitol or Stevia.

Lifestyle wise – Get a good 8 hours of healthy sleep, exercise and do weight lifting, remove toxins and stress from your life, and eat healthy foods.

Focusing on your mindset and minimizing stress is important too.

Removing the causes of leptin resistance from your diet will help you in your weight loss journey.

This hormone plays such a vital role in weight loss hence why it is crucial to make sure it is under control. You need to make sure you are producing enough but not so much that you become resistant to it!

Having your Leptin levels correct is really important. It works with your metabolism making sure calories are not converted to fat but are converted to energy.

Want more information on Leptin and how hormones can affect your weight? Then click the link below for a great book called The Leptin Diet…

The Leptin Diet
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So, I suggest you check this out if you are a little frustrated by your results and know that you have consciously been doing the right thing and nature just isn’t being kind… there could be this deeper problem going on.

Do you have leptin resistance?  If you think you have, don’t hesitate to make a move and keep in mind the ways to help improve your leptin response.

A Leptin supplement may help you adjust your Leptin levels and restore your leptin-sensitivity.

So get your Leptin levels and hormones on track and burn baby burn (the fat that is!).

To your health,


PS. If you have hit a plateau on your weight loss journey or have started putting on weight and you are not sure why it is worth looking it to this, because when it comes to weight loss it is not just diet and exercise alone and that is why results can be different from one individual to the next.

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