Any kind of diet will take a period of adjustment. Your body will try to fight it in any way possible – especially if the diet involves a reduction in calories. This is why it is so important to prepare ahead of time before you start a fasting diet plan to help you through the first steps of transition. Once you start to use these healthy tips you will find the switching back and forth in the 5.2 diet much easier.

What Not To Do On Fasting Days

5.2 fasting diet plan healthy tips

The 5.2 fasting diet plan helps to shed unwanted pounds and keep them off, in a healthy and safe way.

When you follow the 5.2 diet plan you will have two days out of a regular seven-day cycle to focus on fasting. Those two days will be crucial to the success of your weight loss program and as such carry the most weight (pardon the pun) in the intermittent fasting eating plan. They really do, and if you can master them, the rest is easy.

For example, since the fasting diet plan is built on reduced calories, remember to avoid foods high in sugar. Even just 1 serving of your favorite snack on your fasting day can contribute to the majority of your calorie allowance for the whole day.

The best way to beat the sugar/high-calorie craving on fasting days is to substitute with vegetables and reduced amounts of lean meat or fish. Eggs will also help in this instance and if you dress them up with various seasonings you will find it easier to eliminate that sugar craving.

Additional Fasting Day Healthy Tips

The 5.2 diet is a bit hard to completely understand until you really get the hang of it. There’s a tendency to keep breakfast as a large meal which may cut drastically into your fasting day calorie count. The key to success with meal planning on your fasting days is to try different things including changing the proportionate size of your meals.

Another change to your eating habits on fasting days could include changing the time of your meals. Maybe you need to add more time between meals or cut meal sizes so that you can add snacks within your daily calorie allotment. The flexibility of a fasting diet plan means you can personalize it to work best for you on your fasting days.

The Magic of the 5.2 Diet Program

What makes the intermittent diet program successful is that it allows you to eat well every day. On two of a seven-day cycle, you are required to reduce your calorie intake. The program works best when those two days are not back to back and when the program is accompanied by any form of exercise. Even moderate walking is of benefit.

Because you are not starving yourself, and in reality just changing your eating habits, the fasting diet plan is a lifestyle change. This change can assist with weight loss, maintenance of weight loss, better health and increased energy and stamina. It is not difficult to follow and numerous recipe books are available with meal plans designed just for a fasting diet program. Check out our recipe book with loads of inspirational ideas here.

One More Thing

Before starting any kind of diet program it is a good idea to consult with a physician. This is to determine whether or not you have pre-existing conditions that may create complications. Fasting for weight loss combined with exercise is a healthy, safe way to drop some excess weight and keep it off.

Following these useful healthy tips will assist you with making the necessary habit changes that will lead to success. The intermittent diet program is popular because it works and that it doesn’t stop you from eating the foods you love. Followed properly, the 5.2 fasting diet plan helps to shed unwanted pounds and keep them off, in a healthy and safe way.