I had the following question that I thought many may have thought about…

I just started 5:2 today. So far so good. Question – why can’t I have equal in my coffee? Also I started using unjury products. Is this ok, it is loaded with protein. Thank u.

Hi. Thanks for your questions.

Aspartame (which is the technical name for Equal) is not good for you at all. There is so much I could write but the short of it is this. It is a sweetener substitute which is made of chemicals and you really want to avoid putting chemicals into your body.

weight loss chemicals

In regards to weight loss, chemicals gets stored in your organs and fat and can be difficult to break down, this chemical overload then leads to your body being toxic.

They can cause so much damage to your organs & brain and it can even play havoc with your hormones, and when your hormones are out this too can affect your weight loss let alone overall feeling of health.

Least of all it can bring on other diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s and Dementia (see the article in the link below).

What about weight loss?

In regards to weight loss, chemicals gets stored in your organs and fat and can be difficult to break down, this chemical overload then leads to your body being toxic. When your body is toxic it can be difficult to lose weight despite the fact that you are eating well and exercising.

This is a great article that gives you heaps of information by the reputable Dr Mercola.

Please stay away from these nasty chemical sugar substitutes, not just when drinking coffee but cold drinks and low calorie foods.

Use natural products like honey, raw sugar, stevia or xylitol. I personally have been using Xylitol for a while in my drinks and cooking and now when I have raw sugar or honey I really notice the difference in sweetness, ie the honey and raw sugar seems so sweet so I believe it is helping my palate to change from having a strong ‘sweet tooth’.

In regards to Unjury Protein I am not very familiar with these products. I just reviewed their website to get a bit of background info.

I would say that incorporating more protein into your diet can be a good thing especially as you aim to increase your muscle mass and lower the fat on your body. Having more protein on the days you are not fasting can help with appetite control too.

But since I do not know these products or the company itself all I would say is that I used to take protein shakes but discovered I really do not need to as I get a lot of natural protein in my diet. The other thing is to be mindful of any effects you may start to notice.

An overload of whey into the system can cause some hormonal changes in women. After all whey is the by-product of dairy / milk. So if you are overloading your system with this, your body may start to react especially if you have had any dairy allergies or intolerances in the past.

If I was regularly drinking a protein shake now I would use rice or pea protein based powders, but that is because I do not eat a lot of dairy anymore and I feel that whey based protein drinks are just too much for me now.

But just keep a check on any changes in your body, if everything remains good and you feel good and believe it is helping you on your journey then stick at it.


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